For your IT - CIO team.

Accelerate the provision and control the use of your organization's data.

Application hosting

Depending on the customers’s needs, the application can be made accessible in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS), on an infrastructure managed by imagino, or deployed within the customer’s infrastructure.
Deployment takes place within a Kubernetes instance in the form of Dockers machines whose number can be increased based on load.

Data storage

Thanks to its numerous connectors, imagino accesses customer data where it is stored, within the source databases and applications. This in-situ access allows us to limit our footprint on existing systems. When creating views and aggregates, the result persists in imagino but can also be projected into your ecosystem.


By ensuring the traceability of data usage within the company, imagino contributes to its non-proliferation and guarantees increased security of these precious assets.
Each user has rights that define their scope of use.

GDPR compliance

imagino guarantees detailed knowledge of the existence and nature of customer data, allowing you to track personal data deep within your information system. Therefore, imagino helps you remain compliant with the GDPR, especially with regard to holding period and deletion obligations.


The imagino platform is developed using GO language for server parts, thus ensuring a good execution speed. To support an all-round performance, imagino has also optimized the I/O of data connectors and designed a parallel architecture platform.
The user interface is developed in ReactJS to ensure full portability.