For your Data Team.

Organize, enrich and make all your data available to business teams

Data Catalog

Through the automatic mapping of existing data, imagino makes data accessible to and understandable by the business teams through a catalog of available data they can activate. This tool is designed for data and marketing users who do not necessarely have acess to the data, or the knowledge and technical skills needed to process it.

Developing indicators

In order to automatically enrich customer knowledge and facilitate segmentation work, imagino will automatically calculate aggregates using raw data, as well as enabling users to define and calculate the indicators they want to implement and monitor.


A company’s success is built more and more on the mastery and control of the data at its disposal, requiring ongoing cooperation between IT, Data and Business teams. imagino’s Machine Learning Data Catalog makes it possible to audit and control all types of company data.


imagino can apply common data standards to ensure that the data you collect is correct and compliant with regulations. This means you can diagnose data quality issues and prepare them for production before you decide to take action.

Data Lake

imagino strongly increases the capabilities of your Data Lake, regardless of its technology, by providing a business interface on top of it to enable indicator calculation and data analysis for activation purposes. Business users can thus benefit directly from the work done and use all available data.