For your Business Team.

Carry out your projects while making the most of all your customer data

Unique Customer Repository

imagino allows you to create your own Unique Customer Repository as well as Unified Customer Views. A deduplicated, cleaned and scored customer profile showing all customer interactions with your brand (online, offline, purchases, browsing, loyalty, applications, customer service, etc.). The data is available in a real-time, sound, persistent and secure data repository.

Unified Customer Record

Unified Customer Record

imagino provides business teams (marketing, CRM, digital, data, customer service) with a customer record accessible in real time. This record includes all collected data, preferences, purchase history and web browsing, as well as indicators calculated by imagino (loyalty, recency, predictive).


imagino offers a full set of dashboards to visualize the status and activity of your customer data. Easily view the volume of your prospects, customers, their average shopping carts, e-commerce products viewed and purchased, loyalty information, etc. These standard reports can be customized based on your business needs.

CRM activation

imagino offers to orchestrate your CRM activations across all channels and solutions used by your company (email, SMS, push notifications, customer service). Our catalog featuring over 100 connectors makes it easy to activate and trigger targets and campaigns in your activation tools, straight from imagino, for hyper-customized, automated and real-time campaigns.

Digital activation

imagino lets you quickly create digital activations (media campaigns, retargeting) thanks to native connectors to major DMPs and advertising agencies (Google Ads, Facebook Audiences, etc.). For instance, retargeting (via a paid media (banner)) a priority target that has not opened the latest product newsletter.


imagino gives personalization solutions access to accurate and up-to-date customer data. Use our connectors to make the most of the technology developed by key players of the personalization industry.This means you can adapt your website for each of your visitors based on all the information contained in imagino.