Our partners

To provide the highest level of services

imagino has partnered with consulting and integration players in order to bring the highest level of services to project fulfillment. Please feel free to contact these companies at the very early stages of your projects.

imagino also has a network of technology partners whose goal is to facilitate the activation of your customer data within your data and marketing ecosystem.



Tinyclues enables brands to bridge the gap from 360 customer data to successful marketing actions. With Tinyclues, marketers can identify and execute campaigns that work, scale their customer marketing and sustainably grow repeat revenue. EN www.tinyclues.com
Consulting integrator


Velvet Consulting est le leader de l’accompagnement des sociétés dans leur orientation client. Forts de nos valeurs, l’Excellence, l’Innovation et l’Enthousiasme, nous construisons une expérience client riche et efficace, qui accélère la performance des entreprises. EN www.velvetconsulting.com
Consulting integrator


WAISSO est une agence spécialisée dans le marketing digital. Nous assistons et conseillons nos clients dans la mise en œuvre et l'exécution de leurs stratégies digitales B2C et B2B. EN www.waisso.com


We serve companies of all industries and sizes, helping them improve the customer experience with data.