Create the unified customer view and associated metrics

Unified customer view

As a preliminary step to building a single customer repository, imagino offers to easily set up a unified 360° view of the customer, with all customer interactions.
Online shopping, web browsing, in-store visits, loyalty card, call-center, etc. The unified customer view allows you to better know and understand your customers in order to create personalized marketing experiences.


Every company is different: from data history to business models, priorities and, of course, customers… Our goal isn’t to impose a single data model: imagino quickly provides you with a unified customer view, as well as enabling you to fully adapt the views to your various activities.


Scores & Indicators

Discover a library of predefined business scores and indicators or create highly complex indicators to suit your needs. imagino offers automated score calculations on your data (next best action, recency, loyalty), as well as enabling your data teams to create the most advanced scores in their preferred language.

Data Quality

imagino’s Data Quality module makes it easy to re-express, enrich and deduplicate heterogeneous data from multiple sources.Forget about complicated extracts and the need to pass your data through multiple tools.
Your data is prepared in a secure environment, connected to all your tools.

Customer Record

imagino provides business teams (marketing, CRM, digital, data, customer service) with a customer record accessible in real time.
The customer record includes all collected data, the purchase history and web browsing, as well as the full range of indicators available in imagino. Your teams can also add their own indicators.

Customer knowledge

The unified customer views generated by imagino can be used to enrich CRM, data science, customer service (customer care, after-sales service, etc.), as well as BI and reporting tools with additional information.