Discover and catalog
customer data

Data connectors

imagino offers a library of native connectors featuring over 100 existing market solutions. These connectors enable very fast project kickoffs. Legacy systems, applications, databases: everything has been designed so that 100% of your customer data is integrated into your Customer Data Platform. The imagino connector library is expandable (and allows you to develop your own plug-ins outside of the main platform)

  • Are you looking to develop a connector that provides weather forecasts in cities where your shops are located ?
  • Would you like to add a predictive score created by your data teams ?
  • Do you want to build a custom report in PowerBI ?

No problem, that’s what plug-ins are for. Plug-ins can be developed in any language. They will then be encapsulated in your platform and operate immediately.

Data Catalog

imagino offers an advanced Data Cataloging module. This module allows you to discover all your data, to visualize it (via the imagino Data Graph), and to classify it, in particular with regard to personal data (GDPR compliance). The Data Catalog also enables the discovery of links (relations) between your different data repositories.

Data profiling

imagino automatically discovers all your metadata. Using machine learning, our algorithms discover your data, browse it and classify it by assigning business terms to it.
A semantic analysis of field contents guarantees the consistency of the expected data and its quality.


All of imagino’s features are available through a configuration API. This API lets you work on all functionalities remotely (data sources, plug-ins, access to customer data, activation). The data from the customer record and the unique customer repository is also available through our customer API.

Data streaming

imagino connects naturally to data sources, but also to data streams. This means you can rely on imagino’s infrastructure to persist the data of your choice, or use it directly (e.g. to enrich a message that arrives in the form of a stream, such as an order confirmation).