Use data to enrich the customer experience


imagino offers a library of native connectors featuring market solutions. These connectors enable you to automate the activation of your marketing, media and CRM stack. Everything is designed so that 100% of your customer data quickly serves your various use cases. The imagino connector library is expandable (and allows you to develop your own plug-ins outside of the main platform).



imagino offers business users (marketing, CRM, digital, customer service) an intuitive interface for creating specific lists (marketing targeting, counting, reporting, etc.). All of the data available in the imagino CDP is accessible for calculation, but you can also create hybrid targets by linking information from a remote system (cash register, loyalty, ERP, etc.)


imagino enables marketing, e-commerce and CRM teams to create rich targets, cross-referencing information from multiple sources.
For example, identify product purchasers (CRM information), who browsed the website (browsing information) and called the call-center (customer service). imagino provides a dynamic user interface for this purpose.

Digital customer journeys

imagino tracks visitor browsing logs and creates “anonymous” customer profiles. Once these visitors are “known” (after identification), all the information can be merged into a single profile to obtain relevant indicators (date of visit, average cart, etc.) for activation within the customer journey.

Data movement

For performance or cost-related reasons, it can be interesting to transport your data into a dedicated environment. imagino streamlines the enrichment and transportation of data towards remote systems, either to clone all or part of an environment, or to directly enrich the information of a CRM type Customer Service tool.