imagino's founders

With its experienced professionals who have been involved in hundreds of customer data and marketing projects, imagino puts decades of expertise at your service!

Stéphane Dehoche


A graduate of the École Centrale in Paris, Stéphane is a lover of technology and people. The basis of his motivation is the idea of a collective adventure.



A keen programmer since his early years and a Centralien engineer by training, Thomas has always been passionate about software and its impact on our society.

Arnaud Chapis


Arnaud has over 20 years of experience in the SaaS field. He has held various management positions for industry leaders such as Adobe and SAS, but prefers to focus on the business development of French startups, with Neolane and ContentSquare being his biggest successes.

Our story



Created in 2017 by Stéphane Dehoche and Thomas Boudalier, imagino provides a solution to the growing needs around customer data: access, enrichment, GDPR compliance, single view, etc …
More data, more usage needs, more activation: this is the challenge we take on with our customers.



After 20 months of development, the company and its first product were presented to the public during Paris Retail Week 2019.

Our beliefs

Today, data is important to everyone. It serves the entire organization (support, marketing, finance, etc.), facilitates analysis and motivates many business decisions.

Based on this observation, imagino is intended as a solution that is open to all, from data experts to marketing experts, offering a smooth and consistent user experience.

This way, each player will be able to contribute to the application according to their role and responsibilities.

The customer is king

We firmly believe that software should serve customers, not publishers!
That is why we maintain that the customer should be able to purchase as they see fit: a perpetual license or a subscription, hosting in the public cloud, private cloud, or on their own servers. Also, both SaaS and traditional licensing are available at imagino.

Development principles

We develop our software with a particular focus on: expansion capacities, robustness (performance under load, redundancy), ease of use.


Succeeding with and for our customers is a team effort above all else!
The teams of our customers, integrator or consulting partners, and of course, the imagino team.


After years of practicing C++, we believe that GO is the optimal language for modern architectures.
That’s why it is at the heart of our server-side developments. A de facto standard as well as an essential language on the customer side, we use JavaScript for graphical interfaces.